Sexual energy, energizing organs and seminal retention for longevity – Sarina Stone

Ms. Stone teaches simple lifestyle changes to enhance or improve physical and mental well being. Subjects include, but are not limited to: Effects of the mind on the body, Techniques for Balancing Emotions, Transforming Stress in to Vitality, Abdominal Massage for detoxification and energizing organs, Importance of Healthy Digestion, Healing Power of a Smile, Smiling Meditation for Children, Breast Cancer Prevention, Seminal Retention for Longevity

Energy work, Qigong and Chi Kung are the same thing. It is the art of manipulating and moving energy (Chi). Medical Qigong is the art of manipulating and moving energy for the purpose of physical health — for yourself or others.

The practices taught here show you how to transform negative energy into positive vitality and use it for health and longevity. You will understand and experience the healing power of a smile and see that the mind is responsible for creating radiant or ill health.

These lessons also show you how to circulate, refine and store energy so that it can be kept for longevity, radiance, and vitality. It is simple and life changing all at once.

Many of the practices taught here are directly from Taoist Master Mantak Chia and his Universal Healing Tao system of wellness. Sarina Stone is one of his favorite students and a teacher of Taoist Medical Qigong since 1992.

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Individually, human beings are capable of generating healing energy. When paired with a loving partner, those capabilities become powerfully amplified. The key is building a conscious connection with your partner so that intimate moments can become healing experiences. Sarina Stone offers a well grounded discussion on how you can learn to raise, sustain and release sexual energy for health and healing in this interview with Lilou Macé originally webcast November 29, 2013. – Link: – You will only be able to see the show if they are a subscriber or by signing up for the FREE 10-day trial.

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