Viewing the path of the October 2023 Solar Eclipse on Google Earth led me down a series of events, resulting in the discovery of seemingly impossible Geometric shapes and evidence of an ancient civilization living among them.

I was puzzled by these objects, and I had many questions about them. So I drove to the top of this remote cliff to look at them.

I found many things here that defy explanation. One of which turned out to be much stranger than I could have imagined.

What conclusions do you think these objects point to? Do you take this as confirmation of intelligent design? Evidence of a very specific series of geologic and erosional processes ? Or perhaps, we are living in a video game (Minecraft or Roblox? )

Thanks for watching this video, and if anyone has any sort of expertise that can help me make sense of what I found towards the end of the video, how these earth blocks were formed, or the questions I posed I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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********* Yep. I am officially terrible at numbers. Turns out sandstone is much much heavier than 12.5 lbs / cubic foot. In fact it is much closer to ~150 lbs / cubic feet. Multiply every weight I mention in this video times 12 for a much more accurate number. ******

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I discovered Impossible Geometry on Google Earth

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