I heard a story about an ancient Native American ruin that was located across a massive stone bridge, and surrounded by hundred foot cliffs. A real life « Island in the Sky. » It almost sounded too fantastic to be real.

This story, and a picture on the internet, lead me down a rabbit hole and many hours scouring Google Earth..

After a long search, I finally found it, and we embarked on a long hike to see for myself if it was truly as incredible as I had heard.

When I saw this place in person finally, I was blown away by the ancient civilization that must have built this, and the lengths these people went to keep themselves safe from danger.

But I was left wondering, what would drive humans to such extreme lengths? and what would there life be like living in this incredible fortress?

Thanks for watching this video, and if anyone has any sort of ideas as to what they were protecting themselves from, and any other feedback for this video, I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Stay tuned for a lot more like this!

#geology #exploring #hiking #history #googleearth #outdoors #ancientdiscoveries #ruins


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I found a Maximum Security Ancient Ruin using Google Earth

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