Ollantaytambo is a gigantic complex located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas northwest of the city of Cusco and possesses one of the most precise megalithic polygonal masonry in the world. One of the most famous structures in Ollantaytambo is the Temple of the Sun. There, we can find remarkable stonework, which includes large slabs of pink granite intricately carved and precisely aligned. The stone blocks weigh between 50 and 70 tons, and they are fitted together with such precision that not even a sheet of paper can slide between them. These blocks were brought to Ollantaytambo from another mountain, across the plain, river, and then they were brought up the mountain. This precision, along with the scale and the transportation of these stone blocks, indicates a highly advanced level of technological and engineering sophistication that some believe was not yet available to the Incas.

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Pre-Historic Mega Structures of Ollantaytambo Predating the Inca

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