Around the world, craftspeople have devoted themselves to the pursuit of perfection — like a historical enthusiast in Tunisia who painstakingly revived an extinct purple dye, or a master iron forger in Japan who runs a 100-year-old workshop. The highest level of mastery is only achieved through an artisan’s lifelong dedication to their craft.

0:00 Intro
00:57 Japanese Calligraphy Brushes
09:25 Moroccan Zellige Tiles
19:38 Tyrian Purple
30:00 Japanese Denim
40:38 Damascus Knives
50:10 Japanese Iron Kettles
1:00:50 Bangjja Yugi (Korean Bronzeware)
1:09:26 Bellerby & Co. Globemakers
1:18:17 Ceremonial-Grade Matcha
1:29:00 Miyazaki Mangoes
1:38:16 ‘Ethical’ Foie Gras
1:49:31 Olive Wagyu


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